Airport and Aircraft Models with Paper 

 Translation to the below article:

Palakkad: Array of airplanes were always an excitement for the sixth standard student of Koppam Lions School,  Narendran. Narendran is making miniature models of airplanes, from very old aircraft to some of the most modern planes, using paper and cellulose tapes.  With Color Pens, he used to paint airline liveries on the models. Immense passion for airplanes and the intense ambition to become an aerospace engineer are encouraging him to make these models.
He had travelled in many airplanes when he was young and had lived with his father who works abroad in places like Japan and China. He had also visited many international airports. An year ago, a craze for making models of airplanes sprang up in Narendran.  In the beginning he was interested in buying from shops and collecting them and later he started building his own.  It takes two hours to complete one model  and he has already given shape to many models. He also wanted to learn a lot more about aerodynamics. His father, a mechanical engineer by profession supports him in every way possible.

Interaction with a Great Scientist and the then Indian President 

   In April 2007, 2 students from each grade in our school (7th to 12th) were chosen to have an interactive session with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a great Scientist and the then president of the Republic of India. Fortunately, I was included in that group and we traveled to New Delhi for this. We talked about a lot of stuff about his experiences, some scientific topics and we asked each other and answered a lot of questions. 

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