Hey there, this is just a really small website containing a lot of the extra-curricular stuff I've done over the years. I'd like to thank MIT's Admission process for getting me to make portfolio. I haven't done too much here, but I'll keep links for the project files itself. Now, other than as a portfolio, others can use this to get ideas/materials/blueprints? and some other stuff to build these things on their own.

   Anyway, I've been interested in most of these things thanks to my father. Even when I was in 2nd grade, he used to show me a lot of cool stuff like how a light bulb works (come on, it was cool then), how engines work etc. And then, he used to also encourage me to make circuits of build models too. And then, as I grew up, eventually, I've done a lot and then started doing even more. My father's helped me whenever I needed help and also provided most of the resources (sorry for spending all that money :D ) for these projects. Some of the coolest things I've built/started building includes a multi-functional obstacle avoidance system (code-name WALL-E), a device (well, it's actually a software and some arduino tweaks) to control a remote control airplane using a computer AND a PID algorithm (Proportional Integral and Derivative) based auto-pilot system, a design of a MagLev (Magnetic Levitation) Train and a lot more. I've also made a few contributions to FlightGear Flight Simulator in the days I was crazy about flying. 

   Most of my 'big' projects were made with the help of an awesome team of high school students. I'd like to thank Pratham Mehta, Revant Kumar Jha and Gokul Kumar for working together and building (atleast trying to build) all those cool things. Unfortunately, most of us split after 10th Grade so we were unable to complete a few of these projects.

   If you'd like any more information on any of the projects or work mentioned in this website, you can e-mail me. I still have most of the software data in my precious external Hard Drive and a lot in my old ADrive account.

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